Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Class 12 Commerce - Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is the application of Mathematics that can be seen in vast regions like science, engineering, and other diverse areas. The sole purpose of studying Applied Mathematics is to explain unobserved phenomena with the theory. The students who don’t want to continue in the core subject can opt for Applied Mathematics for Class 12th.

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Number, Quantification, and Numerical Applications.




Inferential Statistics.

Index numbers and time-based data.

Financial Mathematics.

Linear Programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Applied Mathematics classes are conducted through a virtual learning platform where students attend live lectures, access recorded sessions, engage in discussions, and complete assignments. These classes may utilize video conferencing tools, interactive presentations, and digital whiteboards.

To participate in the online course, students will need a stable internet connection, a computer or tablet, and access to software or apps required for virtual learning. Additionally, textbooks, reference materials, and any supplementary resources recommended by the instructor may be necessary.

While Applied Mathematics primarily focuses on theoretical concepts, some online courses may include practical components such as case studies, simulations, and real-world applications of mathematical techniques to provide practical insights into commerce-related problems.

Online classes provide various communication channels for interaction, including live chat during lectures, discussion forums, email correspondence, virtual office hours with instructors, and collaborative group activities. These platforms facilitate engagement and interaction with both teachers and classmates.

Assessments in the online Applied Mathematics course may include online quizzes, tests, assignments, case studies, projects, presentations, and exams. These assessments evaluate students’ understanding of mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills, and ability to apply mathematical techniques to real-world scenarios.

Yes, online Applied Mathematics courses typically offer additional support resources such as tutoring sessions, study groups, supplemental materials, and access to teaching assistants or mentors to assist students who require additional help with understanding concepts or completing assignments.

Study materials, including lecture notes, presentations, textbooks, and supplementary resources, are usually accessible through the online learning platform. Instructors may also provide links to external resources or recommend specific textbooks and websites for further reading.

Setting specific goals, creating a study schedule, staying organized, and actively participating in class activities can help maintain motivation and discipline. Additionally, seeking support from teachers, peers, and family members can provide encouragement and accountability.

Technical support services are typically provided by the online learning platform or the educational institution offering the course. Students can contact technical support for assistance with login issues, accessing course materials, troubleshooting technical problems, and navigating the virtual classroom interface.

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