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Business Studies

Class 12 Commerce - Business Studies

CBSE Business Studies Class 12 NCERT Solutions 2023-24 is available here on Indused. Referring to these NCERT Solutions will help students to prepare and excel in their CBSE Class 12 Business Studies examination. The solutions are provided in chapter-wise PDFs that can be downloaded for free from our official website as well as Indused mobile app. These NCERT Solutions cover all the chapters which are included in the CBSE Class 12 Business Studies syllabus 2023-24. These solutions will help the students understand the concepts covered in the syllabus from the core, and get brilliant marks in CBSE Class 12 Business Studies examination.

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Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Nature and Significance of Management

Principles of Management

Business Environment






Financial Management

Financial Markets


Consumer Protection

Entrepreneurship Development

Frequently Asked Questions

The Class 12th Commerce Business Studies course typically covers topics such as principles and functions of management, business environment, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, financial management, marketing management, and business ethics.

Online Business Studies classes are conducted through a virtual learning platform where students attend live lectures, access recorded sessions, engage in discussions, and complete assignments. These classes may utilize video conferencing tools, interactive presentations, and case studies.

To participate in the online course, students will need a stable internet connection, a computer or tablet, and access to software or apps required for virtual learning. Additionally, textbooks, reference materials, and any supplementary resources recommended by the instructor may be necessary.

While Business Studies primarily focuses on theoretical concepts, some online courses may include practical components such as case studies, business simulations, and analysis of real-world business scenarios to provide practical application of management principles.

Online classes provide various communication channels for interaction, including live chat during lectures, discussion forums, email correspondence, virtual office hours with instructors, and collaborative group activities. These platforms facilitate engagement and interaction with both teachers and classmates.

Assessments in the online Business Studies course may include online quizzes, tests, assignments, case studies, projects, presentations, and exams. These assessments evaluate students’ understanding of management concepts, problem-solving skills, and ability to analyze business situations.

Yes, online Business Studies courses typically offer additional support resources such as tutoring sessions, study groups, supplemental materials, and access to teaching assistants or mentors to assist students who require additional help with understanding concepts or completing assignments.

Study materials, including lecture notes, presentations, textbooks, and supplementary resources, are usually accessible through the online learning platform. Instructors may also provide links to external resources or recommend specific textbooks and websites for further reading.

Technical support services are typically provided by the online learning platform or the educational institution offering the course. Students can contact technical support for assistance with login issues, accessing course materials, troubleshooting technical problems, and navigating the virtual classroom interface.

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