Class 10 Science

For effective preparations for Class 10 Science subject, mugging up is something that will not help. To excel in the subject students are advised to understand the ‘Science’ behind Science.

Class 10 Science Syllabus consists of very crucial topics and formulas and equations as it is further distributed into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This makes it important for students to understand the concepts behind the three streams in a detailed manner.

Also, in cases of solution-based questions, it is important for students to understand all the steps provided in the solutions.

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science helps students in understanding the complex topics and helps them while preparing for the Board examination of Class 10. It is considered as a perfect study material to prepare for the examinations proficiently by most of the toppers. We recommend downloading and practicing Aakash NCERT Solutions.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chemical Reactions and Equations

Acids, Bases and Salts

Metals and Non-metals

Carbon and Its Compounds

Periodic Classification of Elements

Life Processes

Control and Coordination

How do Organisms Reproduce?

Heredity and Evolution

Light Reflection and Refraction

Human Eye and Colourful World


Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Sources of Energy

Our Environment

Management of Natural Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes are conducted through a virtual learning platform where students can access live lectures, recorded sessions, interactive quizzes, and assignments. These classes may be conducted via video conferencing tools, pre-recorded video lessons, or a combination of both.

You will need a stable internet connection, a computer or tablet, and access to necessary software or apps required for the virtual classroom. Additionally, textbooks, reference materials, and any supplementary resources recommended by the instructor may be required.

While it may vary depending on the course structure, many online Class 10th Science courses include virtual laboratory sessions or demonstrations to supplement theoretical learning. These practical sessions aim to provide hands-on experience and reinforce concepts taught in the curriculum.

Online classes often provide various avenues for interaction, including live chat during lectures, discussion forums, email communication, and scheduled office hours with instructors. Collaborative projects and group assignments may also facilitate interaction among classmates.

Assessments may include online quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, and exams. These assessments can be both formative (ongoing assessments used to monitor progress) and summative (evaluations at the end of a unit or course).

Yes, most online courses offer additional support resources such as tutoring sessions, study groups, supplemental materials, and access to teaching assistants or mentors to assist students who may require extra help with understanding concepts or completing assignments.

Study materials, including lecture notes, presentations, textbooks, and supplementary resources, are typically accessible through the online learning platform. Additionally, instructors may provide links to external resources or recommend specific textbooks or websites for further reading.

Setting specific goals, creating a study schedule, staying organized, and actively participating in class discussions and activities can help maintain motivation and discipline. Additionally, seeking support from teachers, peers, and family members can provide encouragement and accountability.

Technical support services are usually provided by the online learning platform or the educational institution offering the course. This may include assistance with login issues, accessing course materials, troubleshooting technical problems, and navigating the virtual classroom interface.

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